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Platform Zero Incidents (PZI) is an initiative of the inland shipping industry. Charter companies, shipping companies, and ship owners share and develop knowledge on incidents within the industry in order to prevent a repetition of incidents.

PZI contributes to the aspiration of reaching zero incidents in inland shipping.

Latest news

Stakeholder Conference 2017

On Thursday 30th of March, the second Platform Zero Incidents Stakeholder Conference took place. Roderick Stigter, de chairman of the day, lead the attendees through the day. Below you find the highlights of the day, as well as the presentations. Maurits van der...

The Safety Flash as a Conversation Starter

In addition to the Safety Alerts that are sent out based on current events, PZI now also sends Safety Flashes. Safety Flashes draw attention to specificsafety issues by providing fast information and asking questions that the crew can discuss together. The Flash is...

Safety Alert – Low Water

During the past months, inlandshipping had several moments of low water. This leads to additional navigational risks. Platform Zero Incidents developed the Safety Alerts listed below, and spread them amongst her members and most important stakeholders. In addition,...