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Platform Zero Incidents (PZI) is an initiative of the inland shipping industry. Charter companies, shipping companies, and ship owners share and develop knowledge on incidents within the industry in order to prevent a repetition of incidents.

PZI contributes to the aspiration of reaching zero incidents in inland shipping.

Latest news

Stakeholder Conference 2019

Platform Zero Incidents held its annual Stakeholder Conference on Thursday May 9th. A nice morning in which attendees were challenged to think you were made to think with a smile. Below is a short report from the speakers. Platform Zero Incidents in graphs Erwin...

We hope to meet you on May 9th at our Stakeholder Conference!

On Thursday May 9th 2019, we have our annual stakeholder meeting. During this meeting we give an update on PZI, we hear practical stories from (stakeholder) members and we have an exciting contribution from an external speaker, this year Jop Groeneweg. Find the...

Stakeholder Conference 2018

Platform Zero Incidents Erwin Tijssen, chairman of Platform Zero Incidents and chairman of the day, opened the meeting with an update on the activities of PZI in 2017. His presentation was based on the 5 objectives of PZI. In the first part, the focus was placed on...